Electro-Acoustic Orchestra


The Electro-Acoustic Orchestra (dir. Doug Van Nort) is an ensemble comprised of a mixture of acoustic and electronic performers. It is an emergent sonic organism that evolves through collective attention to all facets of sound, soundpainting-based conducting and improvisational practice. The EAO performs a range of pieces by its members, invited guest artists and from the experimental music repertoire.

The ensemble functions both as a music course during the Fall semester, as well as the year-round resident ensemble for the DisPerSion Lab. EAO integrates members from York and the larger Toronto electroacoustic and improvising communities.

Current members are Brian Abbott, Michael Brown, Chris Anderson-Lundy, David Bandi, Aaron Corbett, Darlene Dunn, Glen Hall, Rory Hoy, Ian Jarvis, Ian Macchiusi, Kieran Maraj, Sam Mason, Mackenzie Perrault, Paul Petrocelli, Danny Shehan, Sean Stover, Adam Walters, and Lauren Wilson.   ​

Past members: Robert Appleton, Chris Cerpnjak, Matt Miller, Sabatino Muccilli, Liz Petzold, Michael Palumbo, Carlos deLeon, Peter Elleman, Marcello Fiorini, Alex Laurie, Mark Mcgugan, Caleb Martin, Fae Sirois


Upcoming 2017 Concerts:

December 1st – Malcolm Goldsten / Doug Van Nort / Electro-Acoustic Orchestra @ Array Space, Toronto

October 28 – Real Virtuality: Electro-Acoustic Orchestra in performance with Stream Ensemble (dir. Thomas Gerwin), Connecting DisPerSion Lab and Potsdam, Germany. Part of intersonanzen, Brandenburg New Music Festival.


Past Concerts:


July –  International Conference on Movement and Computing (MOCO)
Doug Van Nort (Soundpainting, MYO-based Transformation) – Deptford Town Hall, Goldsmiths, London, UK with Electro-Acoustic Orchestra – DisPerSion Lab, Toronto

​February – New Adventures in Sound Art’s Deep Wireless Festival.
Tele-Conduction: works for EAO by Glen Hall, Thomas Gerwin, Doug Van Nort and Sarah Weaver.


November – John Driscoll, founding member of Composers Inside
Electronics / Electro-Acoustic Orchestra
November – EAO @ 416 Creative Improvisers Festival, Tranzac, Toronto.
May 19th – Double-bill with Tout Croche at DisPerSion Lab
May 12th – Hour-long set at International Society of Improvised Music (ISIM)

December 10th – Array Space, with guests Anne Bourne and Rick Sacks
December 7th/8th – Electric Messiah at the Drake, produced by
November 12 – Debut performance, York Tribute Communities Recital Hall,
​     with guest composer Margaret Schedel