Esmé Hogeveen


Esmé is working in the DisPerSion Lab as a research assistant on the project A Systematic Review of Computational Creativity Practices Across Disciplines.

Esmé Hogeveen’s is a first-year PhD candidate in the Art History and Visual Culture department at York University. Her current research focuses upon gendered modalities of vision and judgment, with a focus on auto-theoretical representations of female scrutiny in moving image and text. Recently, Esmé’s participated in the School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell University and the Gonzago Institute at the Khyber Centre for the Arts, as well as residencies at the Caldera Arts Center, Plug In ICA, and White Rabbit. Her writing has appeared in C MagazineGUTS: Canadian Feminist MagazineCRIT, PUBLIC, and she is a Collective Member at M,I,C,E. Magazine. She received her B.A. English and Contemporary Studies from the University of King’s College and her MA in Critical Theory and Creative Research from the Pacific Northwest College of Art.