Ian Jarvis


Ian Jarvis is working in the lab on projects surrounding performative gestural databases and human/machine agency.

Interests & Research

Ian is an artist and researcher whose work centers around the creation and performance of music afforded through digital means. Motivated by the relationship of humans and their technology his work focuses on exploring and combining various strategies that engage the computer as a musical instrument that extends and augments the performance ecosystem. These strategies include live coding (programming as performance), gesture based digital instruments, performable databases, networked performance, and machine learning. His research and creative practice are informed by human-machine agency, digital performance and posthumanism. Jarvis is currently working towards his PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies at York University. He has performed and presented his work nationally and internationally including at the conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), the International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC), the Network Music Festival, Sonorities Festival, Vectors Festival, Subtle Technologies, and the Progress Festival.