Michael Palumbo


Michael Palumbo is a sound artist and researcher whose work employs networked performance, systems thinking, and self-organization. Selected works: Stethoscope Hero (2014) for networked ensemble, presented at the Network Music Festival (U.K.); CrossTalk (2013), presented at the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium; a telematic rendition of Soup Phase (2013) in Stazione di Topolo’s “ToBe Continued” (Italy, via Montreal); and Iron Harvest (2012) at Conservatoire de Musique du Québec à Montreal.

Michael has presented lectures at the Network Music Festival, Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium, 135th AES Convention, Eastern Bloc, and co-presented an engineering-brief at the 135th AES Convention in New York. As a producer, he created Telematic Embrace: You Had Me at Hello World (2014) a four-city telematic concert, founded the Objet Sonore Podcast, and co-produced Objet Sonore Lectures (2013-2014), a funded, multidisciplinary lecture series, which spanned three seasons in Montreal.

He was awarded a research-creation grant from Concordia University to study composing for meaningful play in laptop orchestras. Michael is based in Toronto, holds a BFA in Electroacoustic Studies from Concordia University, and is a graduate student in the department of Theatre and Performance Studies at York University.