Omar Shabbar


Omar Shabbar is a Master's candidate in Ethnomusicology at York University. He is currently working as a research assistant in the DisPerSion Lab, where he assists in the technical operations of the lab space in addition to engaging research that contributes to the post-digital-instruments project.

Omar has been a part of the Electro-Acoustic Orchestra for three years. After completing his undergraduate degree in music at York, Omar started his Master’s degree in Ethnomusicology last year where he has been focusing on the intersection of experimental instrument making and traditional instruments from the Middle East and South Asia. Omar aims to complete his Masters degree in 2023 with a project that focuses on instrument materiality, acoustic resonance and their effect on a musical performance. Outside of the lab, you can find some of Omar’s writing in Canadian Musician Magazine and he can often be seen performing live as an indie-folk solo act as well as in indie-rock bands Mike Legere and Century Thief.