Rory Hoy


Rory David Hoy is a PhD student in Digital Media and graduate researcher in the DisPerSion Lab at York University. He works as a research assistant in the Human/Machine Co-Creation and Distributed Performance areas, on projects including Locus Diffuse, eLabOrate, eLabOrate(d) and Maxtrip.

His work is aimed at the crossroads between sonic ecosystems, agent simulation, telematic music, and human/machine collaboration. Exploring the musical potential of artificial life systems, various projects place performers alongside virtual beings inspired by natural processes to investigate resulting perceptual and performative outcomes of their interplay.

Rory’s past conference publications have investigated extensions to Deep Listening practices including non-human participants (CMMR 19/21), and methodologies for networked musical performance in the wake of the global pandemic (Audio Mostly 21).

His performance practice considers timbral movement through noise, the architectural potential of sound through mapping sonic content to space, and subsonic frequency through a processed and extended bass guitar setup, which is honed through producing music under the moniker day void, and as an active member of the Doug Van Nort Electro-Acoustic Orchestra.

Rory holds both an MA and BA Hons in Digital Media from York University.