Sarah Weaver


Sarah Weaver is a New York-based contemporary composer, conductor, and technologist working internationally as a specialist in Network Music. Weaver has composed solo, chamber, and large ensemble works for groundbreaking musicians for over twenty years, integrating influences of jazz, contemporary classical, improvisation, computer music, world music, and innovative individual music languages of performers.

Work & Innovation

She is an innovator of Telematic Music – live performance via the internet by musicians in different geographic locations – encompassing numerous artistic projects with collaborators and interdisciplinary projects with groups such as NASA Kepler/K2 Mission and United Nations. Weaver is the Director and a founding member of NowNet Arts Inc. (2017), a not-for-profit organization for Network Arts production. SyncSource LLC is the managing business for Weaver’s compositional work, teaching engagements, technology applications, and recording and publishing label. Weaver is an advisor of the International Society for Improvised Music and a member of ASCAP, College Music Society, New York Women Composers, and National Association of Composers.