Victor Zohni


Victor Zohni is a York University Digital Media alumnus. As an aspiring musician (Guitarist-Singer-Songwriter) and digital artist, Victor has been searching for innovative ways to improve music and art.

Victor has worked with various departments and student organizations at York, such as Winter’s College, The Creative Arts Students Association (CASA), The Digital Media Students Association (DMSA), and CHRY Community Radio. Notable projects include “Guitar Plays You” an engaging musical project which includes a guitar employing Wii remote accelerometers to adjust a generated pitch through Max/MSP, Digital Media Team Audio Lead for “Beggars Opera” creating soundscapes suiting a prison atmosphere, Host and Producer of “In The Zone CHRY” highlighting music (alternative/indie) for a mid-day variety program broadcast to listening audience 200,000+. Victor has worked as a York Research Assistant for Professor Doug Van Nort, assisting him with his work on sound-based mapping systems.