Distributed Composition: Networked Music and Intersubjective Resonance

This research project explores emergent forms, aesthetic experiences and senses of shared agency that are unique in a paradigm of networking musical signals, actions and intentions. This includes audience influence of performer actions, mutual influence of control/synthesis parameters in a “laptop orchestra” paradigm, and shared signal transformations that revolve around resonance of attention and intersubjective experiences of sound-making, inspired by Van Nort’s performance practice of live-transformation of fellow performers, first developed with the Triple Point trio and extended through work with the Electro-Acoustic Orchestra and small ensemble settings.

Sub-Projects :

Intersubjective Soundings

Uncanny: A Telematic nO(t)pera

Quarantine: A Telematic nO(t)pera

Telematic I + II

Staplr Dispersion


Dispersion of Elements

Memetic Orchestras


Real Virtuality