Electro/Acoustic Comprovisation: Instruments, Identity, Language, Score

This research project is focused on the mixed electronic/acoustic musical performance setting. Moving beyond the extremes of standard western notation or free improvisation, this project explores the locus and the essence of “the musical work”, and the ways that the subjective positions of composer, performer, interpreter, conductor, audience can shift in musical contexts that integrate text and graphic scores, real-time compositional gesture languages, audience participation, and computational instruments. These works are informed by the position that there is often a hierarchical, politicized, false either/or dichotomy presented between composition and improvisation,  and that instead the creative essence of a composer can leave its signature on a work (distributed across graphic/text structures, softwares and gestural languages), while also recognizing and being deeply influenced by the improvisational, creative agencies and sonic identities of every performer, in an emergent fashion.  A major platform for these investigations is the Doug Van Nort Electro-Acoustic Orchestra, that directly integrates these elements in an ongoing, dynamic and living community of practice.

Sub-Projects :

Thee Doug Van Nort Electro-Acoustic Orchestra

Dispersion Relations


Genetic Orchestras

Intersubjective Soundings

Memetic Orchestras


Electro-Acoustic Orchestra