From Deep Listening to Aural Sonology: An Examination of the Dynamics of Electroacoustic Listening Practices


This project examines listening in electroacoustic music con- texts from several perspectives. It provides an overview of electroacoustic music analysis and its relationship to scholarship on listening and embodied music cognition. Building upon previous research that has explored a listener- based approach to analyzing electroacoustic music, we in- vestigate the audience listening experience and its rela- tionship to the various sonic attributes that result from the creative process. We present a preliminary experiment that explores the dynamics of audience listening by designing both concert-based and on-line listening sessions that cap- ture reflections from the audience perspective. Through this work, we aim to broaden conversations around exist- ing frameworks for electroacoustic music analysis to inl- cude an expanded understanding of listening – both in terms of composing and audience reception – as a holistic, embod- ied, and collaborative process.


Xi Lu and Doug Van Nort, “From Deep Listening to Aural Sonology: An Examination of the Dynamics of Electroacoustic Listening Practices”, in Proc. of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), 2023.