DIGM 5020/6020 – Vertical Studio-Lab I/II


Weeks 1-4, Part I: Distributed Creative Coding, Ontologies and Authorship

Readings #1:

Born – On Musical Mediation: Ontology, Technology and Creativity

Haworth – Sound Synthesis Procedures as Texts: An Ontological Politics in Electroacoustic and Computer Music

Readings #2:

Magnusson – Sonic Writing, part 1 

Readings #3:

Magnusson – Sonic Writing, part 2 and part 3

Weeks 5-8, Part II: Machine Learning and Posthuman Gestures

Readings #4:

Magnusson – Sonic Writing, part 4 and part 5

Gestural Database Etude #1 (and 2 and 3!)

Readings #5:

Schwarz et al. – Real-time corpus-based concatenative synthesis with catart

Van Nort – Instrumental listening: sonic gesture as design principle

Javis and Van Nort – Posthuman Gesture

Weeks 9-12, Part III: Machine Improvisation

Etude: Gesture, Time, Machine Learning

Week 9 Patches

Readings #6:

Fiebrink, R., & Cook, P. R.  The Wekinator: a system for real-time, interactive machine learning in music.

Caramiaux et al. – Mapping through listening

Françoise et al. –Probabilistic Models for Designing Motion and Sound Relationships

Supplementary Readings:

Fiebrink, R., Caramiaux, B., Dean, R., & McLean, A. (2016). The machine learning algorithm as creative musical tool. Oxford University Press.

Van Nort, D., Jarvis, I., & Palumbo, M. (2016). Towards a mappable database of emergent gestural meaning. NIME.

Wessel, D., & Wright, M. (2002). Problems and prospects for intimate musical control of computersComputer music journal26(3), 11-22.