Get Involved

The purpose of the DisPerSion Lab is to define a context for artists, scholars and students to work with Prof. Doug Van Nort on projects that fall under the purview of his research-creation program, which sits at the intersection of experimental music composition, improvisation, embodiment and technological mediation.  The clearest path to becoming involved is to be enrolled as a graduate student at York, working with Van Nort as your primary supervisor. The lab is interdisciplinary by design, and Van Nort has primary graduate supervising capabilities in the following program: Music, Digital Media, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Theatre & Performance Studies, Cinema & Media StudiesInterdisciplinary Studies. Supervisees are often also enlisted as research assistants (RAs) on lab projects, while RA positions are also typically available for undergraduates in the Fall term.  While secondary and tertiary (rather than primary) supervisees may also become involved in the lab, please note that priority of attention and RA positions are reserved for primary supervisees. Other ways to become involved in the lab include joining the Electro-Acoustic Orchestra, or via a classroom-context by enrolling in one of the following courses. Visiting artist/scholars regularly visit and make important contributions to the lab community; these are typically invited guests drawn from Van Nort’s past, present or near-future collaborators.