NOISE: Non-ocular immersion and spatial emergence

This research project is focused on creating and exploring an immersive environment in which spatial gestures manifest across sense modalities. The design focus is on creating a spatial array that traverses sound, haptics and lighting, allowing Van Nort to compose time-varying multi-sensory pieces that are used in research-creation experiments in cross-modal perception, which focus on feelings of gestural “sensory substitution” and emergent structure that can manifest across the senses in differing performative contexts — notably the Deep Listening Entanglements project, the Doug Van Nort Electro-Acoustic Orchestra and telematic performance settings.  The project includes novel approaches to spatial control of ambisonic sound and virtual acoustics, custom interactive lightboxes and a large, high density haptic floor that supports experiments focused on full-bodied listening (e.g. with soles of feet).




Sub-Projects :

Dispersive Spatial-Haptic Floor

Dispersive Spatial-Interactive Lighting System

dispersion.spat: Spatial Sound and Virtual Acoustics for blended co-present/telematic performance