Deeply Listening Machines

This research project focuses on co-creativity between human and machine performers in improvised, electroacoustic music performance contexts. Agents are both informed by, and designed to engage in settings where co-creative activity is emergent and distributed. The name is taken from a 2013 journal article Van Nort wrote on this topic discussing the design and aesthetics of the FILTER and GREIS projects, and how they are engaged in performance. New lab work in this area builds upon these two projects by importing the same core concepts: applying compositional techniques and listening metaphors in the design and creation process that arise from  the intersection of Deep Listening practice, auditory perception and the language of electroacoustic music, and building agent behaviours and musical structures on: principles of embodied cognition (action/sound gesture perception), the concept of episodic/semantic sonic memory, notions of style and temporal patterning, and engagement with non-human creativity.

Sub-Projects :

Locus Diffuse

Genetically Sonified Organisms




Elemental Agency


[Radical] Signs of Life