Listening to Listening: Practices, Behaviours, Perceptions

This project explores emergent practices, trend, behaviours and perceptions in performative, typically collective listening and sounding contexts involving diverse forms of mediation. The performance contexts range from professional performance to public workshop settings, and are further enriched and complexified by conditions such as electroacoustic improvisation, telematic performance, text scores, and machine co-performers. Qualitative methods (grounded theory, thematic analysis, defamiliarization) from interviewing have led to emergent trends related to time/timelessness, real/virtual space, human/machine agency, embodiment and gesture, and instrumentality.

Sub-Projects :

Perception of Time/lessness in Electroacoustic Improvisation

Listening and Sounding in/to the Pandemic



IBMS: Interactive Breaking Music System

Instrumental-Agency and The Co-Production of Sound: From South Asian Instruments to Interactive Systems

From Deep Listening to Aural Sonology: An Examination of the Dynamics of Electroacoustic Listening Practices